The 20MW high-voltage inverter supplied by Nancal was successfully put into operation at Guangzhou compressor station of China West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project

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The 20MW High-power and high-voltage inverter supplied by Nancal Technology Co.,Ltd for the No.1 compressor unit in Guangzhou compressor station of China West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project took the lead in completion of the 72-hour load operation and was put into operation smoothly at current.

Guangzhou compressor station of China West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project is one of the key projects of “Natural Gas Interconnection Plan” and the key natural gas guarantee and supply project of this winter and next spring promoted by the National Development and Reform Commission. It has been attached great importance by all relevant departments and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC).

New generation of 20MW high-power and voltage inverter independently researched and developed by Nancal adopts water-cooling high-voltage power unit, oil-immersed transformer, high-performance speed sensorless vector control technology and safety integrity design. The self-developed ProCon technology can respond to the problems of grid voltage sag and load disturbance to the largest extent, ensuring the continuous and reliable operation of equipment.

Drive motor is high speed synchronous type with rated voltage of 10kV, rated power of 18MW, rated speed of 4800rpm and centrifugal compressor as its load.

Based on the previous engineering experience, the commissioning of inverter requires 15-18 days. Under the coordination and support of the relevant departments of CNPC and in a professional and responsible manner, the on-site service engineers of Nancal completed the commissioning of inverter in only 5 days. The inverter was successfully started and completed 72-hour load operation at a time, laying a solid foundation for putting the Guangzhou Station into production on schedule, and fully verifying the product performance and quality. Project construction and supervision unit, in particular, sent a commendatory letter on this.


Thanks for the substantial support of the National Energy Administration, China Machinery Industry Federation, CNPC and Shenyang Blower Works Group to the domestication of key equipment for long-distance natural gas pipelines. On the aim of “quality, speed and innovation”, we will continue to exert ourselves for making new contributions to the domestication of major equipment.