2019 Annual Conference Special | Focus on Strategy and Achieve Coordinated Development

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On January 18, 2019, Nancal Technology Co.,Ltd “Focus on Strategy and Achieve Coordinated Development” Annual Management Working Conference 2019 was held in Beijing Taishan Hotel.

Looking back on 2018, Nancal people made concerted efforts and forged ahead with determination;

Looking forward to 2019, the Nancal people are full of longing and passion;

All elites of company were gathering here. That was a feast of communication that cannot be missed.

At 8 a.m., guests signed in one after another. The all-day conference was divided into summary, award presentation, salon and dinner party.



At the beginning of conference, Mr. Zu Jun, chairman of Nancal, delivered a speech entitled “Focus on Strategy Develop Collaboratively”. In speech, Mr. Zu Jun introduced the company’s smart manufacturing business and smart electrical business, clearly pointed out that the company will adhere to the strategy of smart manufacturing and smart electrical double-wheel drive, and develop the main body of company and related fields in collaboration.

Next, Ms. Zhao Lan, vice chairman and president of Nancal, delivered a speech on “Reform and Innovation, Precision Forward”. In speech, Ms. Zhao Lan said, 2018 was a tough year, as well as a bright year. In 2018. Nancal persevered in difficulties, seized opportunities, innovated in changes, and grew in solitude.

In conference, leaders at all levels of Nancal summarized the work in past 2018, acknowledged and thanked every Nancal people for their hard work, and showed high expectations to the wisdom and profession of every Nancal people. We believed that in 2019, we will create a brilliant Nancal and the strategy of smart manufacturing and smart electrical double-wheel drive will embrace a better future.

Award presentation

After the delivery of leaders, the award presentation on “Outstanding Project of Nancal in 2018” began at afternoon. The award presentation was to commend the projects and team members who have made outstanding contribution to the development of Nancal in the past year. Awarded Nancal staff built excellent projects one after another with their profession, knowledge and hard work, and won the acknowledge of the company by their efforts. They are the solid backing of Nancal as well as the pride of Nancal in the future.



After award presentation, it was communication salon To achieve the information exchange and resource sharing among all the centers and subsidiaries of Nancal, strengthen internal coordination and cooperation and improve overall competitiveness of the company, special exhibition area for exchange and communication was set up in annual conference. Tasting delicious desserts and cocktails, Nancal staff actively communicated and learned from each other so as to create a brilliant future for Nancal by joint effects.


Dinner party

After the salon, the dinner party was opened after Mr. Zu Jun's wonderful and sincere toast. During dinner, the lucky draw were round after round ,and the staff sang one song after another. With animated atmosphere, that was a joyous time for Nancal people. Everyone in this evening was favored by the lucky angel and won their own prizes, including ipad pro, Huawei Mate 20, Huawei M5 tablet PC, which pushed the atmosphere of lucky draw to a climax.


At the end of dinner, everyone raised glasses with pleasure, toasted for Nancal, for tomorrow and for 2019 together!

Nancal Technology Co.,Ltd, founded in December 2006 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in October 2016 (stock code: 603859.SH), is a leading smart manufacturing and smart electrical advanced technology provider in the field. Committed to the strategy of smart manufacturing and smart electrical double-wheel drive and relying on advanced industrial software and power electronic technology, Nancal provides customized, digital, networked and intelligent system solutions with the industrial Internet as core for customer.