New Year wishes from CNPC Pipeline Co., Ltd.

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On the arrival of the Spring Festival, Nancal Technology Co.,Ltd received a letter of thanks from China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., LTD. on February 1. Recognition from customer is the best New Year wish for the company. The letter highly appraised the efforts made by Nancal in the material supply and support for “Key National Interconnection Project 2018”. Faced with the tight schedule and heavy task of the project construction, Nancal actively mobilized internal resources to establish a linkage mechanism, reversed the production schedule with the delivery date as the “back wall” node, caught up with production by over-time working, strictly controlled the quality and finally successfully supplied the materials with safe and reliable quality, laying a solid foundation for smoothly putting key national interconnection project into production. Meanwhile, thanked all Nancal staff for their joint efforts to complete the product delivery as schedule.

The “Natural Gas Interconnection Plan” is a fundamental project to guarantee the people's livelihood as well as a strategic project to realize the “one national network” pattern of natural gas pipelines, increase pipeline capacity and maximize the peak load regulation level. This project is of great significance.

In 2018, Nancal signed 13 sets of high-power and high-voltage inverters for natural gas pipeline transmission project, creating remarkable achievements in signing 13 sets of inverters in the second year after entering the natural gas pipeline market. Among them, three sets of inverters at the first station of Heihe on east China - Russia line initiated the application in the extremely cold area of -40 in China.

In 2019. Nancal will also supply high-voltage inverters to the first station of Heihe on east China - Russia line and Zhangjiakou station on Shaanxi-Beijing 4 line, continue to keep good performance in the life cycle service of inverters, and band together with main engine plants and the owner unit to escort the national energy lifeline project.


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