Low Voltage Industrial AC Drives

NC low voltage industrial AC drive is the new generation low voltage frequency converter developed by Nancal with high performance.

*Provides a complete motor drive system solution for general industry and special field applications.
*Control methods: V/F, vector control with/without speed sensor, Can control almost any kind of AC motors.
* Provides a wide range of input/output connections to support almost all major fieldbus communication protocols.
* The drive covers a wide range of voltages and power capacity.
*Common DC Bus, Multi-drives
* With Re-generation system 
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Modular design, multi-drives with common DC bus.

2-quadrants & 4-quadrants with regeneration for option
Voltage: 380V,480V,690V 
Single inverter capacity:  200-560kW
Max. parallel capacity: 6000kW
Load type: synchronous motors (including permanent magenet motors), asynchronous motors
Control methods: V/F, vector control with/without speed sensor
High Power density
Nancal Low voltage AC industry drives Nancal NCS800 converter modules
Remarkable performance
Rapid dynamic response and excellent torque control performance at low speed
Meet complex process control requirements
Motor parameter auto tunning & Online identification
Motor stator resistance Rs,rotor time constant Tr online identification and correction,solve motor parametric variation issues result from  motor heating/ saturation.
Diagnosis record and intelligent reminder of maintenance
Extend service life
IGBT Blocking check after Power-on  Reduce failure rate
Supports master-slave control of 1 master 10 slaves
Meet complex process control requirements
Speed control mode / torque control mode
Better adapt to the speed-following or torque-following applications
High configurations
Modular design for rectifier unit, inverter unit, braking unit and filter.
 For easy maintenance
Redundant module   
Each module is a complete 3phase output unit, whole system can keep running with derating if some modules damaged.
Support up to 16 modules with same capacity in parallel connection.
Can control high power motors 
The latest generation IGBT ( 175℃ Junction temperature)
More stable
Diode rectifier, IGBT 6-pulse rectifier or IGBT PWM rectifier.
Suitable for different requirements
With du/dt filter, motor friendly output
Suitable for different requirements
Optional DC pre-charger  
Realize replacing modules with power                                                                    
DC metal film capacitors, maintenance free in whole life cycle.
Long service life, free maintenance, higher tolerance to overvoltage, wider temperature range
Integrite intelligent control PC board
Eliminate the possible oxidation, looseness and poor contact of the board connecting part after long operation which may eventually cause the VFD failure.
Isolated air duct design, no electric devices in airflow path
Suitable for harsh environment.
SD Card for storage failure and operation info.
Convenient for operators to copy the parameter settings. 
Standard fieldbus interface: Ethernet, RS232, RS485, DP, CAN, etc. Other bus protocols can be implemented through third-party interface conversion modules
Can meet most applications
Variety of expansion interfaces to meet most applications.
Highly customized
  Dimension Output
(W*D*H) mm Standard Light over load Heavy duty load
  In Imax Pn ILd PLd Ihd PHd
95A      489*547*255 95 143 45 91 45 71 37
370A 239*587*1405 370 480 200 355 200 278 160
470A 470 610 250 451 250 353 200
560A 560 730 300 538 300 420 240
650A 650 845 350 624 350 488 270
750A 750 975 400 720 400 563 315
370A 239*587*1405 370 480 240 355 240 278 180
470A 470 610 300 451 300 353 220
560A 560 730 350 538 350 420 260
650A 650 845 420 624 420 488 315
750A 750 975 480 720 480 563 360
270A 239*587*1405 270 405 250 259 240 202 187
335A 335 500 315 322 300 250 236
430A 430 645 400 413 380 322 300
530A 530 800 500 509 480 396 374
600A 600 900 560 576 540 448 420
  • EVFD used in 20-high reversing mill

    Nancal EVFD was successfully applied again in the Sendimir 20-high reversing mill project of another stainless steel plant in Jieyang, with the rated capacity of 6150kW. (CLICK THE PHOTO TO GET MORE DETAILS)

  • Applications of Nancal low voltage industry AC drives used for screw compressor

    NC EVFD series low voltage industry AC drives realize soft start and soft stop of screw compressor, which reduces the starting shock and prolongs the service life of the equipment. (CLICK THE PHOTO TO GET MORE DETAILS)

  • Application of Nancal low voltage industry AC drives in stainless steel cold rolling mill

    Application of Nancal low voltage industry AC drives in stainless steel cold rolling mill (CLICK THE PHOTO TO GET MORE DETAILS)

  • Nancal low voltage Industry AC drives in Ningxia tire factory

    Application of Nancal low voltage Industry AC drives in Ningxia tire factory (CLICK THE PHOTO TO GET MORE DETAILS)