VFD solution for high temperature fan

In cement industry, high temperature fans are widely used, Nancal Medium voltage AC drives ( VFD) are used to save energy. 

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The raw material from the preheater enters the kiln from the tail of the kiln. The rotation of the kiln is used to promote the mixing and calcination of the raw material in the kiln at a high temperature. The material move forward depending on the inclination of the kiln cylinder and the rotation of the kiln in the kiln. The waste heat exhaust gas generated by the combustion in the kiln is preheated and homogenized by the preheater before the kiln tail is passed through the preheater under the effect of kiln tail high temperature fan. The waste heat exhaust gas after temperature decline is extracted by the high temperature fan to enter the exhaust gas operation (dust removal and exhaust). Kiln firing system flow diagram:



High-temperature fan VFD control mode is generally through hard wiring and DCS communication. The operating staff can control the VFD speed (motor speed) through DCS operation screen according to the different feeding amount (the fan speed requirement at this time is different) to implement the adjustment of high temperature enter negative pressure to achieve the pressure requirement of production.


Motor type

Rated Power


Rated Voltage

10 kV

Rated Current


Rated Speed

993 r/min

Power Factor


The main circuit single-line diagram:



VFD configuration

Type:NC HVVF 10/10-2500
Input voltage:10kV
Output voltage:10kV
Output power:2500kW