Power Quality Products

  • Active Power Filter (APF)

    NC AH Series Active harmonic filter (APF for short) is a new type power electronic product with functions of dynamic harmonic compensation (varying amplitude and frequency) and reactive power compensation (leading or lagging.

  • Hybrid Static Var Generator (SVGC)

    NC SVGC (Hybrid Var Compensator) integrate TSC and SVG, modular design, with dynamic compensation functions of reactive power compensation, harmonics compensation, voltage fluctuation, load unbalance. Also SVGC has high cost performance, and without overcompensation or undercompensation.   

  • Static Var Generator (SVG)

    SVG (Static Var Generator) detects load current through external current transducer(CT)on-line and analyzes reactive component of the load current by DSP controller, then control IGBT inverter to generate reactive current and compensates the load reactive current to meet the target of line power factor. It also has function of harmonic compensation.  

  • Smart Power Quality Correct Device (SPC)

    Based on optimize and upgrade SVG, NC series Smart Power Quality Correct Device (SPC)  specialize in increase power quality for distribution network, has the functions of three-phase unbalance compensation, fast regulation of reactive power and system voltage stabilization. The managerial principles and engineering philosophy are fully compatible with SGCC ‘low voltage’ project.