Hybrid Static Var Generator (SVGC)

NC SVGC (Hybrid Var Compensator) integrate TSC and SVG, modular design, with dynamic compensation functions of reactive power compensation, harmonics compensation, voltage fluctuation, load unbalance. Also SVGC has high cost performance, and without overcompensation or undercompensation. 
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The more economic solutions for reactive power compensation with better effect than traditional capacitor bank.

Comparing to traditional SVC from economic, technical and performance perspectives, NC SVGC use passive capacitor modules coarse tuning firstly, then fine tuning by active SVG module. SVGC has high reliability, safety and economic, TSC module can continue work when SVG module failure.
Rapid non-polar compensation
High precision reactive compensation, PF>0.99
Reactive compensation range: -1~1(adjustable)
No overcompensation, undercompensation, resonance, capacity fading
Current harmonics compensation
DSP+FPGA, high speed operational capability
Response time<10ms
Protection: overvoltage, overcurrent, over temperature
Communication: Ethernet, RS485
Low wastage: hibernation/ awakening 
Low noise: intelligent variable speed cooling fan
Germany brand IGBT chip
Texas Instrument DSP chip, high speed and reliable performance
Modular design, maximum 16 modules in parallel
Maximum 10 cabinets in parallel
Line structures: three-phase three-wire/three-phase four-wire