Smart Power Quality Correct Device (SPC)

Based on optimize and upgrade SVG, NC series Smart Power Quality Correct Device (SPC)  specialize in increase power quality for distribution network, has the functions of three-phase unbalance compensation, fast regulation of reactive power and system voltage stabilization. The managerial principles and engineering philosophy are fully compatible with SGCC ‘low voltage’ project.

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Reactive Compensation

NC SPC detects load current through external current transducerCTon-line and analyzes reactive component of the load current by DSP controller, then control IGBT inverter to produce reactive current, compensates the load reactive current to meet the target of line power factor.


Three-phase unbalance

NC SPC detects load current through external current transducerCTon-line and analyzes whether the system is balance or not, meantime calculate required input current value in balance condition, and send the signal to internal IGBT, transfer unbalance current from large current phase to small current phase.


Voltage support

NC SPC is sampling compensation point voltage, then sending the voltage message to internal DSP controller to judge whether over the set value. When voltage over the Umax value, NC SPC output capacitive current to decrease voltage; when voltage under the Umin value, NC SPC output inductive current to increase voltage. At last, NC SPC control voltage in the normal range.

Technical Features

After compensation, three-phase unbalance< 3%

Voltage regulation

PF>0.99, efficiency>97.5%

Germany brand IGBT chip

Texas Instrument DSP chip, high speed and reliable performance

Modular design, easy installation and maintenance

Small volume, high efficiency

Enclosure: IP44

Safety protection mechanism

Fault self-diagnosis, self-recovery

Stable and reliable operation

Friendly human-machine interface

Remote monitoring and control
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Nancal Smart Power Quality Correct Device 

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