Static Var Generator (SVG)

SVG (Static Var Generator) detects load current through external current transducer(CT)on-line and analyzes reactive component of the load current by DSP controller, then control IGBT inverter to generate reactive current and compensates the load reactive current to meet the target of line power factor. It also has function of harmonic compensation.

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 New method for quick compensation of reactive power

Voltage                  380v,480v,690v       
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Module 30kVar,50kVar,75kVar,100kVar
Max output 5000kVar

Abundant compensation functions:
Reactive compensation range: -1~1(adjustable)
No overcompensation, undercompensation, resonance 
Reactive compensation cooperating with TSC
Harmonic reactive compensation cooperating with APF
   Advanced system performance:

3-level topology structure

DSP+FPGA, high speed operational capability

Automatic resonance avoiding, automatic limiter without overload

Protection: overvoltage, overcurrent, over temperature. Etc.

Communication: Ethernet, RS485. Etc.

Safety and reliability:

Germany brand IGBT chip

Texas Instrument DSP chip, high speed and reliable performance

Perfect equipment and production system
Flexible application:

Modular design, small volume, easy installation and maintenance,
maximum 16 modules in parallel

Multiple types: wall-mounted/cabinets

Line structures: three-phase three-wire/three-phase four-wire

Maximum 10 cabinets in parallel



Standard 7 inch colorized touch screen

Graphic interface, display many power quality parameters

Simple to operate

Energy saving:

Low wastage: automatic hibernation/ awakening

Low noise: intelligent variable speed cooling fan