• Blast furnace

    Metallurgical industry is a high energy consuming industry. Numbers of high-power motors working under fixed speed waste a lot of Power. Using VFD can solve the soft start problems, save the energy and improve the process. The figure below shows the system diagram of the entire blast furnace. The blowers used in modern large and medium sized blast furnace systems mostly use turbine-driven centrifugal type and axial flow type. The reliability of the blast furnace blower is related to the entire blast furnace production. Under normal circumstances, if the blower unexpectedly stopped, it will lead to serious safety production accidents and economic loss may reach to hundreds of thousands, even more than one million CNY.

  • Rolling mill

    Nancal provides a complete set of variable frequency drive solution for single stand and multi-stand stainless steel reversible rolling mill. The motor drive device adopt Nancal NC EVFD series Industry AC VFD which has multi-drives with common DC bus, the rated voltage can choose 380V,480V or 690V.  

  • Rolling mill

    After the successful operation of Nancal 690V industrial AC drives used for SG-650 4-high reversing mill in a stainless steel plant in Jieyang city, Guangdong province China, Nancal EVFD was successfully applied again in the Sendimir 20-high reversing mill project of another stainless steel plant in Jieyang, with the rated capacity of 6150kW.