• Long Distance Natural Gas Pipeline Compressor

    Compressor unit is the core equipment of long distance natural gas pipeline project, generator-driven compressor unit is preferred drive mode, has the advantages of stable operation, less faults, simple maintenance, low maintenance cost, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental-friendly. West-to-East Gas Pipeline Project, Shan Jing Gas Pipeline, China-Guizhou Gas Pipeline, China-Myanmar Gas Pipeline, Sichuan-east Gas pipeline, as well as the third line of West-to-East Gas Pipeline Project and China-Russia East Gas Pipeline under construction all adopt a large number of variable frequency generator-driven compressor unit.

  • Oil pumps

    Oil pump is the main energy consuming equipment in the oil depot. In actual operation, it is necessary to control the opening of the outlet valve of the oil pump according to the operating conditions to adjust the flow to meet the needs of production process. This flow regulation method produces a large pressure difference before and after the oil pump outlet valve, and a large energy waste. By using the variable frequency drives, it can change the speed of oil pump to realize the flow regulation under different working conditions, reduce the consumption of the oil, save energy and optimize the process.